Swiping Right: Are Dating Apps Worth It?

It has been over 6 years since the dating app Tinder was unleashed onto the world and since that time the very notion of single-life has been completely transformed.

Although online dating had been around since the mid-90s, Tinder marked a watershed moment for Millennial singletons across the world. The success might be due to some impressive digital marketing campaigns

Services like Match and Plenty Of Fish had been making a pretty penny from middle-aged singles for years, but these sites had not made online dating an attractive prospective for younger people. The sign-up experience lacked immediacy and (worst of all) these dating services were associated with desperation, a last-chance saloon for socially awkward or unattractive people to find their life partners.

Although Tinder might have been lumped with its fair share of stigmas since its meteoric ascension, this new service provided young people the opportunity to quickly sign up, link their social accounts and get swiping within a matter of minutes. We’ve reached out to a few young people to get their say on how they use the app and how it has affected them:

Brad, 20

I started using Tinder last year after I broke up with my long-term girlfriend. I’d pretty much spent the whole of secondary school with this one girl and felt like I’d really missed out on those early years of interaction with the opposite sex as a result. When I got to Uni I wanted to make the most of my new single life, so I started swiping and I haven’t stopped since!

Jenna, 25

I’ve been messing around with Tinder for years, but it’s impossible to tell how serious someone is. Although it might sound a bit cynical, I always expect the worst of guys using these apps. It’s so easy for a deceptive individual to appear that they have the best intentions over messaging, but it’s always clear what they’re really after as soon as you meet them in person. Sometimes it can feel like a real waste of time.

James, 23

I’ve always found nightclubs really oppressive places to meet new people. The music is always too loud and there’s this under current of sexual tension that I find really uncomfortable. Although Tinder is definitely rife with sexual possibilities, I find it so much easier to get a simple conversation going which can then lead to a real-life dating scenario which feels more romantic and in-line with how I’ve always seen dating.

Mike, 24

My experience with Tinder has been mostly disappointing. Loads of my mates are always boasting about how many matches they get and how much they’re getting laid, but I’ve just not had the same kind of luck. I’ll go for days on end without a match, and when one finally comes along the chat will quickly peter out until I’m left twiddling my thumbs again. If anything I feel more alone than I did before!

Callie, 19

If my Mum knew about half the things that guys have said to me on Tinder she’d probably have a heart-attack. Me and my friends all signed up as a joke, we thought it was fun to increase the age range as much as possible and see how many random men would start chatting to us – I suppose we shouldn’t have been surprised to find that there were so many creeps out there. I’ve never used the app seriously, it’s just a bit of fun for me.

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