Jackie Li

What do you do?

“I work as an architect, it’s a pretty stressful job; there’s always a deadline on the horizon and I have to work late often but it’s ultimately a really rewarding occupation. I write for Young People in Focus in my spare time, mostly covering stuff about Entering Work and getting to grips with Higher Education – all the fun stuff!”

Favourite Movie?

“As an architect I’m inherently fascinated by space and the way we inhabit them as people. Although this move is pretty weird, I think it perfectly encapsulates how a variety of people interact with their space, whether that’s a domestic setting, workplace or a foreign country. It’s odd, but very funny and ultimately really rewarding.”

Most difficult time?

“My first few year in university was by far my most difficult. I had to move home and away from my family which was a real challenge, plus it took me a long time to adjust to the demands of university life. I’m really grateful to all the wonderful people I met that year who helped me deal with the loneliness of moving away, it was a great help.”