Shut up and take my money!

In our darkest hour, we can stand erect, with proud upthrust bosoms. One hundred dollars. The alien mothership is in orbit here. If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

Calculon is gonna kill us and it’s all everybody else’s fault! She also liked to shut up! Fry, we have a crate to deliver. No, I’m Santa Claus! Alright, let’s mafia things up a bit. Joey, burn down the ship. Clamps, burn down the crew.

You won’t have time for sleeping, soldier, not with all the bed making you’ll be doing.

You can crush me but you can’t crush my spirit! I can explain. It’s very valuable. They’re like sex, except I’m having them! I’m sorry, guys. I never meant to hurt you. Just to destroy everything you ever believed in.

  1. We can’t compete with Mom! Her company is big and evil! Ours is small and neutral!
  2. There’s no part of that sentence I didn’t like!
  3. Ummm…to eBay?

Stop it, stop it. It’s fine. I will ‘destroy’ you!

You wouldn’t. Ask anyway! I’ll get my kit! I haven’t felt much of anything since my guinea pig died. Anyhoo, your net-suits will allow you to experience Fry’s worm infested bowels as if you were actually wriggling through them.

  • Then throw her in the laundry room, which will hereafter be referred to as “the brig”.
  • And from now on you’re all named Bender Jr.
  • Who are those horrible orange men?