4 Decisions That Signal You Are Approaching Adulthood

You’re young now, but you won’t be forever!

Youth is a glimmering mirage, like grains of sand it is impossible to hold onto but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

This post is a subjective one, so don’t feel like you’re old before your time because you’ve already ticked some of these decisions off before you’ve hit 20. Young people advance and develop at vastly different speeds, so where some folks might discover that they’re settling down at the age of 22, some folks might not feel like settling down until they’re much older – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Some of the following decisions might seem a little trifling, but they nonetheless signal that you’re entering a new adult stage of life and that’s certainly something that should be celebrated:  

Buying a new sofa

You know you can get those for free on Gumtree right? One of the great surprises of youth is how much things cost. Whilst it’s no surprise that televisions, houses and cars cost a lot of money, it can be a little galling to realise how much furniture costs. For students, this realisation that ‘nice things cost money’ is usually followed by the response of settling for thing that simply aren’t ‘nice’. When you decide to fork out hundreds of pounds on a brand new sofa, you’ll know that you’re entering into a brave new world of financial commitment. Watch out for those red wine stains!

Moving away from home

The day that you fly the coop is both an exciting and a scary one. You might think that you’re ready to look after yourself, but have you considered everything? Are you going to have time to iron your clothes, or will you not bother? Are you going to do a weekly shop, or just buy food when you need it? Do you even know how to cook? And how about cleaning the bathroom? When you move home you’ll have to take charge of all these responsibilities, or simply tumble into a messy state of decay.

Talking to a financial advisor

A few years into your first proper job you might think that you’ve got this financing thing sorted. You’ve not starved, you’re paying your taxes and bills: what’s to worry about? Have you considered what your long-term financial goal is? You should be commended for keeping to your financial responsibilities, but have you thought about your financial future? It’s fine to spend what money you’re earning, but doing so doesn’t leave much wriggle room for your future self – do you really want to be working for the rest of your life? Talking to a financial advisor is the first step to securing your future stability.

Choosing a quiet night in over a big night out

Friday comes round yet again and all your mates are heading out on the town (as usual), it’s a perfect summer night, ideal drinking but you’re absolutely shattered. As an impressionable youngster you might feel the social pressure to go out with them, but as a level-headed adult you’ll know that doing so will just make you more tired tomorrow and £69 worse off. Making the decision to skip a night out in favour of getting some rest is a sign that you’re valuing your future health and happiness over your immediate desires. This is a key part of growing up and something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of!

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